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‘Summon & Conquer’, gather warriors and bring the peace back!

Once a peaceful country, now engulfed in the flames of war. King Arthur decides to summon all capable warriors to fight in the war, promising to reward them grandly once the war is won. At the same time, remembering the words of his father, the King retrieved the sealed treasure chest from an underground vault, but was unable to locate the treasure chest’s long-lost key.

In this war-torn kingdom, will the King be able to successfully open the treasure chest that must surely contain the key to stop this war? Moreover, can the secrets that lie within the treasure chest assist the King to bring peace back to his country?

Select one of the unique bonus features and maximize the effectiveness of your collected cards! The ‘Battle Feature’ consists of 3 stages. Strategize and use your cards wisely, form and deploy your army to defeat the enemy. Each bonus stage rewards are determined by the number of destroyed buildings! Conversely, the ‘Lucky Draw’ will convert your collected cards into large cash rewards! If you choose to increase your stake by 50%, the Bonus Bet option will reward you with an extra card during the Deck Collection Feature!

Experience different bonus features and battle with the enemy using different card strategies. Strategize, trust your instincts to win the battle and respond to the King’s summon!

This game platform supports iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, and Web HTML5.


PG SOFT™ is here to revolutionise mobile app gamification by leveraging on our wide spectrum of bespoke gaming solutions. Our games are the epitome of astounding, remarkable aesthetics and captivating gameplay that deliver unrivalled gaming entertainment for all mobile slot players.

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