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The universe follows a cycle of creation, day to night, light and dark, two halves that together complete the cycle of life in the universe. Within time and space, lies the "Fourth Dimension". It exists between the voids and cracks of space that disappear as soon as they appear. Anyone capable of manipulating it would be able to momentarily alter the principles of matter, changing destiny and wealth. However, the time traveller of the Fourth Dimension, who has the ability to change his destiny, must first unlock the three-tiered roulette of the Sun, Moon and Stars. By using the roulette to combine the power of the universe, mankind’s destiny and wealth can by changed in their favour. Once the Moon and Star symbols align, the time traveller will be rewarded with free re-spins. The Sun symbol will appear only one time on each spin, but once the Sun Symbol appears on the three-tiered roulette, you will be rewarded with a bonus game that allows you to win unexpected cash prizes! With each spin, you will stand a chance to double your winnings! Will you be the next lucky time traveller? The wheel of destiny unlocks your wealth and fortune!
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