A Roaring Success: PG SOFT™ Amaze Crowds on its Debut at ICE2017
The crowds were amazed by the wide spectrum of bespoke mobile gaming solutions presented by the new burgeoning game company.

PG SOFT™ welcomed 2017 with its busiest day at ICE Totally Gaming. The Europe's biggest iGaming industry event which ran from 7th - 9th February, sets the convergence point for industry players looking to stay on top of the trends, meet their next client or partner, and connect with people who are interested in the future of technology and innovation. ICE 2017 certainly did not disappoint with the record-breaking visitorship.

PG SOFT™'s inaugural presence had exceeded expectations of many, judging by the huge interest and positive reviews garnered on the stands. Game enthusiasts and delegates were blown away by the immersive, unprecedented gameplay and remarkable aesthetics presented.

All four playable game demos, namely, Honey Trap of Diao Chan, Gem Boy, Fortune Gods, Tree of Fortune, turn out to be highly addictive and engaging with the high volume of user acquisition. The integration of cleverly engineered SmartBot automation and specially formulated algorithm structure proved to be the main attribution to the popularity of the games. Collaborations and partnerships were on the cards with major leading operators and suppliers.

Bringing yet another climax to the event was the PG Lucky Draw. The excitement was propelled to new heights when hundreds watched intensely for the winners to be announced. Finally, eight elated prize winners walked away with brand new iPhones and MacBook.

After the eventful and exhilarating three days, the team was beaming with pride. ICE 2017 had nonetheless given them the confidence boost and affirmation to the dedication for innovation and passion that they practised. With 20 new exciting games in the production pipeline, PG SOFT™ is hopeful in bringing more surprises to the show next year.

On a side note, PG SOFT™ would like to express gratitude to the design team who has helped, create a strong branding visual identity and communication messages in the event marketing materials.

PG SOFT™ is proud to be the main sponsor for this year's cloakroom.


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PG SOFT™ is here to revolutionise mobile app gamification by leveraging on our wide spectrum of bespoke gaming solutions. Our games are the epitome of astounding, remarkable aesthetics and captivating gameplay that deliver unrivalled gaming entertainment for all mobile slot players.

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