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Exciting news for PG SOFT™ operators! A new feature has just been launched to help attract players and improve your promotional capabilities. Money Rain is set to revolutionize and simplify the way operators do promotions. With the potential to boost player engagement and retention, Money Rain is expected to enhance your brand's competitiveness in the video game industry while simultaneously increasing players’ loyalty through long-term promotional activities.

The Money Rain feature has an inherent appeal that naturally draws players in. During the Money Rain event, players will have the chance to be randomly awarded a prize that holds the potential to multiply up to an impressive 1000 times the value of their bet. This feature seamlessly integrates with any game, ensuring that players across various titles can partake in the anticipation of receiving such a remarkable reward. This additional layer of excitement is bound to keep the players engaged and eager to participate.

In conclusion, the Money Rain feature offers a multitude of benefits to operators including attracting new players, retaining existing ones, and ultimately boosting their revenue streams. With its ease of use and advanced targeting capabilities, Money Rain is sure to become a go-to promotional tool for operators in the gaming industry. Start using Money Rain today and experience the difference for yourself!


PG SOFT™ is here to revolutionise mobile app gamification by leveraging on our wide spectrum of bespoke gaming solutions. Our games are the epitome of astounding, remarkable aesthetics and captivating gameplay that deliver unrivalled gaming entertainment for all mobile slot players.

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