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Dare to be different!
PG SOFT™ strongly believes in its slogan, ‘Difference makes the Difference’. As a pioneer of mobile app gamification, we take pride in anticipating customers’ demands by applying the latest technologies to improve user experience significantly.
Shining at 2019 ICE Exhibition
PG SOFT™ ‘s state-of-the-art games feature splendid storylines, sensational sound effects and magnificent animation that never cease to impress.
A large HD screen was set up in the center of PG SOFT™ ‘s sleek and sophisticated booth to showcase their games as well as a massive poster wall displaying their game characters, captivating a long queue of visitors.
ICE Exhibition’s main sponsor
2019's ICE Exhibition saw tens of thousands of people through its doors. Realizing the great potential for brand exposure, PG SOFT™ had joined the sponsorship program in 2018 to become one of the main sponsors.
This year, PG SOFT™ had sponsored the capacious cloakroom, generous goodies, official website advertisements and brochures for the ICE Exhibition.
Wooing the crowd with myriads of games
Curiosity was at an all time high as attendees mingled to experience PG SOFT™ ‘s latest games on display, such as the adorable ‘Jungle Delight’, oriental game ‘Emperor’s Favour’, ‘Journey to the Wealth’, action-packed ‘Tomb of Treasure’, sexy ‘Three Monkeys’, ‘Ganesha Gold’, and a brand-new card game Baccarat. PG SOFT™ 's games are frequently praised as they help drive customer acquisition and retention for operators across the globe with innovative gaming experience.
'Mythical Treasure Jackpot' unveiled!
PG SOFT™ ‘s newly launched “Dragon Legend - Mythical Treasure Jackpot”, “Fortune Gods - Mythical Treasure Jackpot” and “Prosperity Lion - Mythical Treasure Jackpot” had created a wave of excitement during the exhibition. Wonderful winning chances and fabulous features had the players jumping into the mythical gaming worlds eagerly, resolved to win huge prizes.
Thrilling Tournaments
It was widely agreed that PG SOFT™ ‘s tournament was a stunning success during the exhibition. Tournaments were held at different times throughout the exhibition, with a long queue of contestants and surrounded by high-spirited spectators who were just as curious as to who would walk away with an iPhone X Max 256GB, iPhone X R 128GB or AirPods.
Claw Crane Craze
The thrill of watching a prize falling into the chute, coupled with the joy of winning highly anticipated prizes such as an Apple Watch or a Mi Band 3 was so exhilarating that numerous visitors lined up to play PG SOFT™ ‘s immensely addictive claw machine during the exhibition.
Exhibition Highlights
The annual gaming industry event has left us with an even stronger resolution to reinvent gaming experience and entertainment values to deliver only the very best for our clients. Stay tuned for our updates and new games!
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Business Cooperation Negotiation
PG SOFT™ ‘s top notch game products in the exhibition had received overwhelmingly positive reception from conference delegates. Besides the numerous meetings scheduled in advance, PG SOFT™ had also received multiple visits from significant operators who were extremely interested in PG SOFT™ ‘s entertainment products and services.
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