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The new coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic situation is getting increasingly serious daily. In these uncertain times of crisis, PG SOFT™ has donated 250,000 face masks to the enterprises and customers to lend a helping hand to the unsung heroes working to curb this pandemic globally.

We are aware that our overseas customers and companies are currently also fighting this pandemic, and due to increasing demands, materials that are needed to curb the virus in many areas are becoming extremely scarce, and the demand for face masks has increased explosively, causing a worldwide struggle to resist the virus outbreak.

PG SOFT™ firmly believes that in the time of need, it is the responsibility of everyone in the international community to band and work together to fight the pandemic! With this steadfast determination to contribute to the global anti-pandemic cause, PG SOFT™ has decided to start our face masks donation movement!

While it was not an easy task to purchase a large number of face masks under such a tight supply of materials everywhere, through our continuous persistence in contacting and coordinating with multiple resources, PG SOFT™ has successfully purchased 250,000 face masks, and was able to quickly deliver the face masks to enterprises and customers who needed them! However long this pandemic situation may go on for, PG SOFT™ will continue to do our best to donate face masks to those in need!

Ken Zhang, the managing director and co-founder of PG SOFT™ has said: “’Trustworthiness, reciprocity and high integrity’ have always been the corporate culture implemented by PG SOFT™. During this severe pandemic prevention and control period, it is our hope that the face masks that PG SOFT™ are donating will be able to contribute to the global fight against the pandemic.”

PG SOFT™ will actively monitor the progress of the pandemic, as well as continue to contribute to the fight against the pandemic. Let us all stay strong to overcome this together!


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