How PG SOFT™ was catapulted into the casino gaming stratosphere
After a roaring debut at ICE 2017, TotallyGaming.com spoke with Ken Zhang, managing director at mobile game specialist PG SOFT™, about how his firm found their first visit to ExCeL.

ExCeL London, United Kingdom - March 8, 2017 - After a roaring debut at ICE 2017, TotallyGaming.com spoke with Ken Zhang, managing director at mobile game specialist PG SOFT™, about how his firm found their first visit to ExCeL.

Totally Gaming: How did PG SOFT™ find its first ICE show last month? How did the market respond to your portfolio?

Ken Zhang: It was very impressive. As far as we are concerned ICE 2017 catapulted us into the casino gaming stratosphere.

Without going too far we had a spectacular show. Our inaugural presence at ExCeL had exceeded expectations of many, judging by the huge interest and positive reviews we garnered on the stands. Game enthusiasts and delegates were blown away by the immersive, unprecedented gameplay and phenomenal graphics presented by PG SOFT™. Albeit a new entrant, I believe we are already making an impression in the market.

TG: What was your showcase product - why does it stand out in the market?

KZ: Thousands of the attendees were given the exclusive sneak peek of our first product line, namely Honey Trap of Diao Chan, Gem Boy, Fortune Gods, Tree of Fortune.

We chose these four mobile games in particular because we believed they best showcased our team’s capabilities and demonstrated our expertise in terms of mobile gamification in the new era. Judging by the high volume of user acquisition, the initial feedback received has been very encouraging. Players were intrigued by the astounding graphics and captivating gameplay presented.

We attribute the success of the games to the integration of cleverly engineered SmartBot automation and specially formulated algorithm structure - key components which are vital in helping businesses to create a sustainable business paradigm. Collaborations and partnerships were on the cards with leading operators and aggregators.

TG: What trends did you observe from people you met at ICE? What is the market's plans for mobile gaming this year?

KZ: ICE is an incredible platform where we get reactions and observations right from the floor. Consumer behaviour, trends become instantaneously apparent at the show. Collectively, we gathered that consumer demand for mobile gaming is still going relatively strong with an insatiable appetite, especially in native app gaming, contrary to hugely overstated HTML5 versus Native App debate.

Tech-Savvy consumers have now cultivated a discerning taste for good, quality games which are only achievable in a Native App landscape. Developing on iOS and Android allows us to deliver remarkable aesthetics with amazing gameplay dynamics. Gaming experience is amplified with fast, streamlined API responses over a secured network - all of which can be challenging to replicate on HTML5.

TG: What's next for PG SOFT™?

KZ: ICE 2017 has given us the confidence boost and affirmation for the dedication to innovation and passion that we practise. Just like any other new companies, we are also working to circumvent some of the teething problems that we had, with priority to optimising user experience in games and expanding our product solutions. With 20 new exciting games in the production pipeline, PG SOFT™ is hopeful in bringing more surprises to the show next year.

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