About PG

PG SOFT™ was founded in the fall of 2015 and headquartered in Malta. Up to now, the PG team has more than two hundred employees and established offices in Europe, Asia and North America. By rich experience of the co-founders in the industry and amazing works of professional team, PG SOFT™ successfully attracted much attention and achieved extraordinary results at London ICE Totally Gaming Exhibition in 2017. In the autumn of 2017, PG SOFT™ plans to release its new products officially.

PG Introduction

PG SOFT™ co-founders come from all over the world: Hollywood film and television production industry professionals, Mathemacians from Oxford and Cambridge University, UK, together with top team of Internet products-development with more than a decade years of experience from Asia. Our team’s average age of barely 28 years old, who are vibrant and energetic. Team advocate to build a relaxed and happy working-atmosphere, and welcome excellent, creative and inspirational talent to join us. The PG team's philosophy is to subvert traditional Slots industry, leading the team to become creative hub of the industry and to march towards the goal of the industry-benchmark.

PG Vision

PG SOFT™ is the world’s leading Slots contents-provider. All games branded with PG logo are treated with hearts and craftsmenship. Each PG SOFT™ game has a unique soul, while the core value of is creation. We believe that traditional monotonous game is unable to satisfy the requirement of consumers nowadays. Consumers will feel fatigue aesthetically if only the game skins are replaced. As consumers are upgrading, PG is committed to adopt big data analysis, combined with unique creation to provide perfect visual and audio experience, in order to provide unique experience and make consumers immerse in our slot games. It’s PG supreme mission. As stated by PG SOFT™’s Slogan, Difference Makes the Difference, extraordinary team is deemed to create extraordinary products!


Redefining the ground rules

Transcending the boundaries of the virtual world by weaving innovative 3D gameplay and AAA calibre artwork, our team of game designers play the predominant role that alludes success of our games. Crafting intelligently, they send players through stages of labyrinthine with nothing short of excitement. Combining both imaginative universes, play dynamics, and unprecedented gameplay, we promise to deliver thrilling action sequences to the players.


Moment of our ascendancy

PG SOFT™ is an award-winning, international studio of designers, artists, animators and producers that create content for the biggest names in video games, film, television, commercials and online entertainment. We are a team of driven and goal orientated individuals who are passionate about our crafts. In essence, we envision the type of games that we would love to play and subsequently, materialize them. From the outset, PG SOFT™ values ideas, innovation, and people so every game we create is a true reflection of our entire teams’ capabilities. In retrospect, that forms the starting point for our ascendancy as a world class studio.


Decoding the language of Artificial Intelligence

At PG SOFT™, collaborative visionaries turn the impossible into reality. They tackle hard problems in technology and delve into the difficult task of orchestrating millions of code. Our team of scripters is always in pursuit of crafting high standard of gaming content. They rewrite rules of algorithms and run multiple iterations to deliver fast, undisrupted and immersive cinematic events in the gameplay. These work towards allowing gamers to compete on the browser, iOS, Android, and Windows devices in one expansive game world.


Calibrated audio for an unrivalled gaming experience

We have a dedicated team of audio engineers, sound designers and a niche group of collective music composers that work relentlessly to craft an audio aesthetic that works in tandem with the gameplay and art style. We understand that a captivating gaming experience is only synonymous with dynamic sound effects. Calibrating the right audio frequency as the levels shift, pulsate and expand while players venture into the gaming space ensures a truly gratifying gaming experience.

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