Genie's 3 Wishes

A Genie is a being that possesses a phenomenal cosmic power that can grant wishes. It is said that a Genie lives in the Cave of Wonders in the Middle East, which is full of gold and jewellery but also protected by numerous traps. Legends has it, that the person who becomes the master of the Genie will have their deepest wishes granted and be able to open the doors to the treasure filled cave! As the story goes, there was a poor young boy named Aladdin, who made his living performing with his monkey in the market. On their way back home, they encountered a sandstorm and entered the cave for shelter. Aladdin opened the mysterious door and was amazed to find a cave filled with gold. But when he picked up a huge diamond, it caused the cave to collapse! In a panic, the monkey handed Aladdin an oil lamp to light his way. When Aladdin wiped off the dust on the oil lamp, he accidentally released the Genie! From then on, Aladdin became the new master of the Genie, having his every wish and desire granted! Genie's 3 Wishes is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot featuring Free Spins Feature with various feature selections including high payout symbols, travelling Wild symbols, and increasing multiplier. Scatter symbols will help you trigger the Free Spins Feature! The Genie will make all your wishes come true!

Dim Sum Mania

Customers looked on with anticipation, licking their lips as the lid of the bamboo steamer basket was lifted to reveal freshly steamed Cantonese dim sums of all different colours and flavours. The steam emanating from the steamer rose to envelop the entire street in a delicious and fragrant aroma that tickles passers-by’s tastebuds, making their fingers itch to reach out to grab one tasty dim sum to satisfy their gluttonous appetite. Dim sum is the epitome of Cantonese Chinese cuisine. It is seen as a must on the breakfast table in Guangdong and Hong Kong. Today, Cantonese dim sum’s popularity has spread across the globe! PG SOFT™’s dim sum tea house “Dim Sum Mania” is now officially opened for business! Dim Sum Mania is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot featuring respins of individual reels. 3, 4 or 5 Scatter symbols appearing anywhere will trigger the Free Spins Feature with 15 free spins! Not only that, all wins are multiplied by x3 during the Free Spins Feature too!

Wild Fireworks

The annual summer festival is buzzing with activity. Vendors busy selling their goods as a majority of the visitors make their way to the giant field at the end of the street, where thousands of paper lanterns lay. It is said that if you write your wish on the lantern and release it into the sky, the heavens will be able to grant you your greatest desire! As the clock strikes midnight, the night sky bursts with multicolored lights, as fireworks explode one after the other. The crowd all stare towards the sky, mesmerized by the sight and sound. Soon, thousands of paper lanterns are released to join the fireworks, all of them carrying the wishes of the people that visited the summer festival that evening. Truly a sight to behold indeed! Wild Fireworks is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot featuring stacked Wild symbols and free spins with sticky Wild symbols. Multiply your wins by x2 with symbol wins that involve Wild symbols! Trigger the Free Spins Feature and get 10 free spins. Each additional Scatter symbol will reward you with 2 more free spins!

Five Numbers Hi Lo

PG Soft’s "Five Numbers Hi Lo" combines the traditional guessing game with a high-end electronic digital design. Players will tap on the 'Gamble' icon to generate 5 random values, players will then guess if the result of the selected numbers is higher or lower. The pot prize will grow with more guesses you do! Make a wise decision by tapping into your intuition and increase your sensitivity to number predictions. When all the high and low guesses meet the selection requirements, you will have a chance to win a high pot prize! Feel the tension and excitement as you guess the numbers!

Dice Hi Lo

Take the chance and throw the dice! A simple game that tests your intuition! “Dice Hi Lo” is played by rolling two dice. Players will then select either ‘Hi’, ‘Lo’, ‘One-One’, ‘Six-Six’, ‘Pair’, ‘Odd’ or ‘Even’ to roll the dice again. The pot amount will be multiplied by the multiplier indicated below the button if the next roll matches with the player’s selection. The more correct guesses, the higher the pot amount will go! Test your luck in PG Soft’s “Dice Hi Lo” today!

Phoenix Rises

JinFeng Village was known as the small village located near a mysterious valley. The villagers there were labelled as “Phoenix Guardians”. The reason for this moniker was because the villagers would often forbid curious travellers from ever approaching the valley. Even fellow Guardians were strictly prohibited. What many might not know was that the Guardians were protecting a special cave in the mysterious valley, as it was home to a Phoenix! This cave was located deep in the mountains and would occasionally blaze up in flames! The phoenix was said to have been inhabiting the cave for generations! It was also said to have scales that shone like gold, cocooned in a beautiful jade eggshell. There is a legend known throughout the village, that when the time is right, the phoenix will break out of the jade shell, light up in flames and fly out to dance in the sky! As the scales of the phoenix slowly fall from above, the Guardians will seize the chance of a lifetime to collect the scales. The scales will soon transform into jade, to be gifted to the “Phoenix Guardians” as a reward for their protection. “Phoenix Rises” is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot featuring Free Spins Feature with increasing multipliers up to x150. Trigger the Free Spins Feature when 5, 6 or 7 Free Spins symbols appear anywhere on the reels and win 12 free spins. Stand a chance to increase the multiplier up to x150 during the Free Spins Feature as well!

Cards Hi Lo

A sweet and simple game is always the best! PG Soft™ has released the classic poker game “Cards Hi Lo”, where players have to rely on their sixth sense to guess if the number of the next card is higher or lower than the previous card, or guess the suit of the next card, to win the pot! The more correct guesses you make, the higher the pot will go! Challenge your intuition with “Cards Hi Lo” now!

Mahjong Ways 2

PG SOFT ™ has launched the second game of the popular game ‘Mahjong Ways’. Are you ready for the highly anticipated ‘Mahjong Ways 2’? Mahjong Ways 2 is a 5-reel, 4-row (with an additional row for each of reel 2, 3 and 4) video slot featuring Wild symbol transformation and free spins with increasing multiplier. During the Free Spins Feature, the maximum bonus multiplier value will be increased up to 10 times, while all symbols excluding Wild symbol and Scatter symbol in reel 3 turn into golden Mahjong symbols! The golden Mahjong symbols in the winning spin will also be converted into Wild symbols, making you win endlessly! With a newer and more interesting spin in gameplay, come and experience the endless charm of the Chinese national chess game!

Candy Burst

Sugar, spice and everything nice! Unlimited delicious candy awaits you in PG SOFT™’s newest game, Candy Burst! Players with a sweet tooth will not only find this game satisfying for all your candy cravings but will also be shocked by the amount of hidden surprises that awaits them! Candy Burst is a 6 by 6 symbols combination video slot featuring special symbols that cascades more wins. This game contains multiple varieties of sweets and will also award players with special sweets like Gummy Rocket, Chocolate Bomb and Mystery Sweet when players get 5 or more combinations of symbols! Hold onto your sweet tooth because there is more! If there are 2 or more special symbol sweets on the reels, these special sweets will be activated together to unlock even better surprises! Not only that, the Candy Burst Feature multiplies wins by x10 if it is triggered during the Free Spins Feature! Players will also be able to trigger the Free Spins Feature when 3 Scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels! All wins are multiplied by x2 during the Free Spins Feature as well! Candy Burst is a game that keeps on giving! So, pop in a sweet and start playing!

Shaolin Soccer

“Shaolin Team”, a soccer team that has never been seen before, was created when a group of martial arts youngsters decided to combine Kungfu and soccer after losing their fighting spirit. The “Mightly Steel Leg” will lead the “Lightning Ghost Hands” goalkeeper, “Iron Head” header, and “Weightless” winger, to the national soccer competition to compete for the championship title! Inspired by the famous Chinese movie of the same name, “Shaolin Soccer” is a 5-reel, 4-row video slot featuring symbol transformations and 5 symbol choices in the Free Spins Feature. Transform all player symbols into the same player symbol in the Player Transformation Feature when 4 identical player symbols appear on the third reel. In addition, select your favourite player out of the 5 player symbols to play in the Free Spins Feature for free spins! “You are no different than a salted fish if you have no dreams.” Come and join the “Shaolin Team” to experience the Shaolin soccer dream with the most passionate players!

Bikini Paradise

Hawaii, the famous island known for its sandy beaches and sparkling seas. Surfers love to go there to ride the waves and show off to the beautiful bikini clad ladies tanning on the beach. During the evening, everyone will gather at the beach bar to enjoy a refreshing cocktail while enjoying the gorgeous sunset view. It’s a paradise that many will dream of experiencing at least once in their lifetime! Bikini Paradise is a 5-reel, 4-row video slot featuring Stacked Wild symbols with multipliers. Stand a chance to multiply your wins by up to 5000x when 1 or more Stacked Wild symbols appear fully on any reels. Get rewarded up to 20 free spins in the Free Spins Feature as well!

Reel Love

Love can happen anytime anywhere! Even in the new apartment that you just moved into! Meet Rick, an average guy just looking for love, who unexpectedly meets 3 beautiful women who happens to be his neighbors! Tiffany the beautiful blonde socialite, Karen the sexy neighbor next door and Anna, a quiet and shy university student. Rick surprisingly catches all 3 of the women’s eye through a series of hilarious mishaps as he struggles to adapt to the city life. Reel Love is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot featuring girl symbols transformation and free spins with symbol win's multiplier. Multiply your wins with a Green, Red, or Blue Girl symbol win during the Free Spins Feature! You may even get a wonderful surprise when the Girls Transformation Feature gets triggered randomly! The exciting “Will they, Won’t they” love story is about to begin!

Fortune Mouse

Legend has it that the Jade Emperor organized a river crossing competition to select twelve animals to be the twelve zodiac signs. Many animals enthusiastically entered after hearing about this news. On the day of the competition, the cow was ahead of the race. But unbeknownst to the cow, the clever mouse had been hiding on the cow’s back. When the cow was about to cross the finish line, the mouse jumped off the cow’s back and thus became the first of the zodiac signs. Mice are not only clever; they were also regarded as a symbol of wealth during ancient times. It was said that if your home had mice stealing food, it meant your family was rich and prosperous enough to have a surplus of food at home for the mice to steal! So let “Fortune Mouse” bring you unlimited luck and endless wealth in the year of the Mouse! Fortune Mouse is a 3-reel, 3-row video slot featuring respins until win. 3 Wild symbols may be added to the middle reel during any spin in the Fortune Mouse Feature. The first and third reel will respin until there is a win. Be awarded with 1000x of the total bet in Maximum Win when Wild symbols occupy all the reels!

Dragon Hatch

The soft rays of the rising sun enter the mysterious cave through the cracks in the cavern’s ceiling, illuminating the opulent treasure and jewels scattered all over the cavity. Atop the colossal pile of gold coins a nest of cream-coloured, gargantuan eggs stand tall. It is prophesied that when the lord of the dragons enters the cave of wonders, the eggs will hatch into dragons, each bringing different powers and wealth to their rightful master! Dragon Hatch is a 5 by 5 arrangement of symbols video slot featuring various features that help in cascading more wins. Collect winning symbols to trigger the Earth Dragon Feature, Water Dragon Feature, Fire Dragon Feature and Mother Dragon Feature. Each Dragon Feature will bring different surprises to the players! Can you bring the legendary creatures to life?

Mahjong Ways

PG SOFT™ has just launched their very first Mahjong inspired slot machine game – “Mahjong Ways”! Mahjong is a game that originated from China, created from the wisdom of ancient Chinese. As a classic Chinese chess game, Mahjong culture has taken its roots all over the world and is deeply loved by the people! It’s time to flaunt your amazing skills! Mahjong Ways is a 5-reel, 4-row video slot featuring Wild symbol transformation and free spins with increasing multiplier. Win 12 free spins by triggering the Free Spins Feature when 3 Scatter symbols appear anywhere. Each additional Scatter symbol will trigger 2 more free spins! In addition, during the Free Spins Feature, all wins can be multiplied by up to x10 multiplier. Will you be the next King of Mahjong? Show off your Mahjong skills now!

Flirting Scholar

Tang Bohu was one of the four great scholars in Jiangnan. He is talented and intelligent, and his skills in chess and calligraphy are well-versed. Tang Bohu and his friends met Mrs. Hua and her 4 maidservants Chunxiang, Xiaxiang, Dongxiang and Qiuxiang when they went to the temple to pray. He fell in love at first sight with the beautiful Qiuxiang there. And so he decided to infiltrate the Hua House by pretending to be a servant named Hua An in order to pursue a relationship with Qiuxiang. During this period, Prince Wang visited the Hua House to cause trouble to the family. Because of this, Tang Bohu’s identity was exposed when he stepped in to help the family. It was then Qiuxiang found out that Hua An was Tang Bohu, the man she had always admired. However, Mrs. Hua has always had her grievances towards the Tang family, and so she began to oppose Tang Bohu in various ways. Unexpectedly, an enemy of the Hua family returned to annihilate the entire Hua House as revenge. Mrs. Hua was defeated while trying to protect her family. It was thanks to Tang Bohu cleverness that brought peace back to the Hua House. Mrs. Hua, who survived the disaster, repayed Tang Bohu by allowing Qiuxiang to marry him. After some twists and turns, Tang Bohu finally won the beauty over. "Flirting Scholar" is a game that features free spins with feature picks. You will have the opportunity to get various surprise rewards such as bonus multipliers, stacked Wild symbols, jumping Wild symbols as well as removing low paying symbols!

Muay Thai Champion

Muay Thai is a unique fighting skill characterized for its strength and agility. During a fight, Muay Thai uses a combination of fists, elbows, knees, and shins during strikes that creates 8 "points of contact”, hence the term "Art of Eight Limbs” is used to describe Muay Thai. In addition to being a fighting technique, Muay Thai has evolved into combining with various other skills such as entertainment, martial arts, art and sports. This fighting technique has since become part of the unique treasure of the Thai nation, and has grown into becoming a worldwide fighting sport. Not only that, Muay Thai has also been incorporated into the art of dance, creating the gorgeous and exciting Muay Thai dance, one of Thailand’s featured cultural performances. Muay Thai Champion is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot featuring Wild symbols additions and free spins with sticky Wild symbols. Players can trigger the Fighter Feature when 1 or more Red/Blue Fighter symbols appear anywhere on the reels. Be rewarded with 8, 12 or 15 free spins when players trigger the Free Spins Feature. Defeat your opponent with the power of Muay Thai to bring home the grand prize!

Dragon Tiger Luck

The Dragon summons the wind and rain as it soars in the sky. The Tiger, symbolizing strength, can shake the mountains as it walks on earth. The Dragon and Tiger have always been regarded as the highest mythical beasts in Chinese mythology. They are also said to represent the power of yin and yang. With countless battles between these two beasts throughout the centuries, they are closely linked together by destiny. Legend has it that when these 2 opposing forces are in balance and harmony, it will create good fortune and prosperity. Dragon Tiger Luck is a 3-reel, 2-row video slot featuring x2 multiplier. Win double the prizes with the Multiplier Feature by activating the top and bottom reels!

Ninja vs Samurai

During the Sengoku period in Japan, the practice of hiring mercenaries to protect themselves is very common for rich families who can afford it. Naturally, the Samurai clan and the Ninja clan are both vying for such positions, hoping to bring honour, respect and wealth to their clan if chosen. Due to this ongoing feud between the two clans, Samurais and Ninjas are seen fighting daily, hoping to show their strengths and power to all the rich families that were still hiring. Samurais pride themselves on their sword fighting skills and brute strength, while Ninjas offer secrecy and hidden protection in the most unexpected places. “Ninja vs Samurai” is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot featuring free spins with multipliers and Wild symbols addition. Stand a chance to trigger the Free Spins Feature with 9 free spins when 3 Ninja Scatter symbols and/or Samurai Scatter symbols appear anywhere on reels 2, 3 and 4. Multiply your wins when a free spin gets converted to a Ninja Samurai Feature free spin, in which all win on the reels will be multiplied and reels 1 to 5 will be chosen to be filled with Wild symbols. Will the Samurais overpower the Ninjas? Or will the Ninjas be able to assassinate them in their sleep?

Leprechaun Riches

Dawn was beginning to send misty lights over the rolling land and winds were blowing around the old Irish tower. The Leprechaun was sitting on the ledge of the tower’s window, tapping nails into a little shoe while whistling a merry tune. He is only six inches tall and harder to catch than a will-o’-the-wisp. If you could catch him, he will fetch his wonderful pot of gold from the end of the rainbow for you and grant you three wishes! Leprechaun Riches is a 6-reel, 6-row video slot featuring Wilds-on-the-Way and free spins with increasing multiplier. All gold-framed symbols involved in a win in the previous round will be transformed into Wild symbols, and 4 Scatter symbols appearing anywhere will trigger the Free Spins Feature with 15 free spins! Good luck in catching the Leprechaun!

Tiki Go

Lightning flashed in the sky, as an unidentified flying object hovered over the Camilla tribe. Suddenly, the bottom of the UFO opened, and with a powerful whirlwind, sucked all the tribe's gold and people inside. The aliens have captured the tribesmen in the UFO. This unexpected attack destroyed the Camilla tribe overnight. The tribe's young prince took up his spear without hesitation in order to save the people of his tribe. Along the way, he encounters numerous challenges on his journey. According to legend, the warrior that breaks the tribal statue will receive magical powers that will aid the warrior to fight his enemies. As you progress in this board game, you may trigger various modes, the opportunity to multiply the bonus, and free spin modes with accumulating multiplier. Be rewarded with 10 free spins and more when 3 or more Scatter symbols appear on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th reels! Fight forward in your quest and stand a chance to multiply the bonuses!

Captain’s Bounty

Captain Blackbeard is an infamous pirate of the seven seas. He is famous for attacking and looting merchant ships travelling through his territory. Throughout his reign, hundreds to thousands of ships had been looted by this fearsome pirate. But when Blackbeard unexpectedly dies in battle, the location of all his fortune and treasures perished with him. Numerous young seamen have tried to locate Blackbeard’s treasure to no avail. However, it is universally acknowledged that anyone who recover’s the captain’s bounty will be rewarded with riches beyond belief! “Captain's Bounty” is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot featuring cascading symbols with increasing multipliers. During any spins, all wins will be multiplied by the increasing multiplier shown above the reels. Players are rewarded with 10 free spins and increased multipliers above the reels when they trigger the Free Spins Feature. Brave the raging seas to discover Blackbeard’s treasure in “Captain’s Bounty” now!

Journey To The Wealth

The monk, Tripitaka, the reincarnation of Buddha, has been chosen by the Emperor to retrieve the sacred sutras from the west. Along the way, the golden cudgel wielding Monkey King, Pig who is capable of performing 36 transformations and Sandy who wields a magic weapon, have all agreed to protect him from monsters and demons during the journey. With the help of his 3 apprentices, they journey through mountains and raging waters, overcame 81 tribulations, and finally achieved enlightenment after successfully retrieving the sacred sutras! Journey to the Wealth is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot featuring Wild symbol transformations in respins and free spins. When the Respin Feature is triggered, one of the character symbols will be chosen to be transformed into a Wild symbol. Be rewarded with 8 free spins when 3 Scatter symbols appear during the Free Spins Feature. Join Tripitaka and his apprentices in ‘Journey to the Wealth’!

The Great Icescape

The howling wind in Antarctica causes the snow on Baby Penguin’s doorstep to flurry through the air, hitting the Baby Penguin right in its face. It shudders and wraps itself with a thick scarf before waddling off to the square to meet its little friends. Alas, the square is deserted. Turns out that all of its friends are trapped in ice blocks! The Baby Penguin needs to smash all the blocks to rescue its friends, but it is not strong enough. Can you help the Baby Penguin with its rescue mission? The Great Icescape is a 5-reel, 5-row video slot featuring respins and Bonus Respins with multiplier. 12 blockers will be presented on reel positions during main game spins, and each winning symbol in winning combinations will destroy one of the blockers. Bonus Respin Feature will be triggered with 1 extra life and multiplier of x2 when all blockers are destroyed!

Wild Inferno

Metalheads have the biggest hearts, and legendary heavy metal band Metaricha is just the living proof of that. For their farewell tour, bassist Cliff Buckton had announced that he will be giving his fortune away to the lucky person who catches his gold studded leather glove! Drummer Lush Allrich had also asked his fans to create flaming skull mask for moshing, as he would be rewarding the person with the most realistic mask with the band’s signature diamond stubbed bicorn hat as well as a limited edition CD! Wild Inferno is a 5-reel, 4-row video slot featuring Nudging Stacked Wilds with multiplier in the main game and Nudging Sticky Stacked Wilds with multiplier in the free spins. Wins will be multiplied when Stacked Wild symbols appear, and 5 Free Spin symbols appearing anywhere will trigger the Bonus Game with 5 free spins!

Double Fortune

Song Dynasty’s famous politician and poet Wang Anshi was awarded the honour of top scholar in the imperial examination on his wedding day and he had written two ‘happiness’ characters together on the gate to express his joy. From then on, the ‘double happiness’ sign became a symbol of celebration and good luck, and people began to put up the sign on their doors during wedding as well as offering wedding gifts in pairs to double the blessings for the newlyweds! Double Fortune is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot featuring double symbols and Free Spins Feature with two sets of 5 x 3 reels. Whenever a payline win involves one or more double symbol(s), the winning double symbol(s) will count as two symbols when calculating wins for the current spin! But that’s not all: 3 Scatter symbols appearing anywhere in the main game will trigger the Free Spins Feature with 8 free spins! Experience double happiness and win double affluence with ‘Double Fortune’ now!

Emperor's Favour

As with all the great emperors of the past, an emperor having a harem was to be expected. Among this harem, there were three imperial consorts, who are said to be the most beautiful women in the empire, that had won the emperor’s favours. Although the emperor had tried to treat the three imperial consorts fairly in order to keep their relationship in harmony, as time went on, the three consorts had succumbed to jealousy and started to fight among themselves. All’s fair in love and war, who will win the emperor’s love in the end? How will the emperor handle the growing tension among his imperial consorts? “Emperor’s Favour” is a 5-reel 3-row video slot game featuring 2x2 symbols and guaranteed 3x3 symbols in the Free Spins Feature. Enter the free spin bonus mode when 3, 4 or 5 Scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reel!

Tomb of Treasure

Legend has it that the age-old royal tomb is filled with boundless relics and treasures, and those who are brave enough to enter the labyrinth of tombs will be rewarded with fortune so vast that it is almost beyond belief! Do you have what it takes to step up to the challenge to hunt for the lost treasure in the royal tomb? Transform into a courageous relic hunter now to explore the splendid sunken tombs, for it’s time to let an exhilarating escapade begin! Tomb of Treasure is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot featuring reels expanding up to 6 rows during respins. When a Power symbol appears anywhere on reel 3, it will trigger the Expanding Reels Feature with 3 respins, and lo and behold - all wins gained during Expanding Reels Feature will be multiplied! Lift the mysterious veil of the ancient tombs now to win great riches!

Jungle Delight

Welcome to Madagascar! It is a huge island country located on the southeast coast of Africa. It is home to thousands of animals that all live in harmony. Deep in the forest lives a lonely monkey who claims to be the king of the jungle! When the night falls, animals will gift a variety of fruits to the king of the jungle and gather together for a fruit feast to pray for a good harvest! Inspired by the classic fruit machine game, ‘Jungle Delight’ is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot featuring Mystery Box symbols and free spins with sticky symbols. If you’re lucky, the King of the Jungle may reward you with free spins when Scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels! At the same time, you will have the opportunity to increase the special wooden frame in the remaining free spins! Do you want to get the mystery box given by the King of the Jungle? Don't miss out on ‘Jungle Delight’!

Three Monkeys

Winter is the best time enjoy and soak in a hot spring. The famous three wise monkeys, See No Evil, Hear No Evil and Speak No Evil, also known as Mizaru, Kikazaru and Iwazaru respectively, have also adapted to the habit of soaking in the hot springs to warm their bodies during winter. While Kikazaru has always enjoyed his soak in the hot springs peacefully, Iwazaru likes to hide himself in the steam and fog to spy on the visitors in the hot springs. As with Mizaru, he likes to steal the visitors’ clothes to cover his eyes. This has given many visitors a huge headache. When this happens, the sensible Kikazaru will apologize to the visitors by bringing them a generous gift. “Three Monkeys” is a hilarious take on the well-known proverb in video slot game format that features Stacked Wild symbols and respins with increasing multiplier. The three monkey symbols will then transform into Stacked Wild symbol and increase the multiplier by 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 times in the Respin Feature. So come to soak in this relaxing hot spring, and try to catch these three monkeys in the act to win a fortune!

Ganesha Gold

Ganesha, the God of New Beginnings, Success and Wisdom, has been worshipped for centuries for his grace and wisdom. His knowledge and teachings have led many of his followers down a happy and prosperous life. It has been known that all of his followers are guided to the path of fortune and wealth, resulting in them all being very successful in life. Ganesha Gold is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot featuring Free Spins Feature with win multipliers up to x20. 3, 4 or 5 Scatter symbols appearing anywhere will trigger the Free Spins Feature and award you with 12, 15 or 20 free spins respectively. Multiply your wins by collecting Wild symbols. If 3 Wild symbols have been collected, the multiplier will be increased by 2 and the Wild symbol collection will reset to zero. So let Ganesha bless you with riches and success in your life as well. Bask in the glory of Ganesha as luck and fortune comes your way!

Symbols of Egypt

Under the immense expanse of the blue sky, a mysterious pyramid stands alone in the middle of a vast desert that stretches to the horizon. Below this magnificent pyramid is the pharaoh’s tomb and a dark secret passage that is vaguely visible to the most keen eyes. Carved on the passage’s walls are mysterious symbols that will open to a secret chamber filled with treasure when deciphered. Legend has it that fortune favors the bold: Solve the mysterious symbols and be rewarded with treasure manifold. “Symbols of Egypt” is a 3-reel, 3-row video slot game featuring Bonus Multiplier Feature which may award multipliers up to x30. It consists of 4 Bonus Lines which are made up of mysterious symbols. Activating all the mysterious symbols in one or more Bonus Lines will trigger the Bonus Multiplier Feature, revealing x2, x3, x5, x10 or even x30 wins!

Piggy Gold

A new year means new beginnings and new fortunes! 2019 will be the year of the Pig! The Pig is the 12th of the zodiac animals and has always been symbols of wealth in the Chinese culture; their chubby faces and big ears are signs of fortune as well! Celebrate the year of the Pig by paying a house visit to the adorable Mr Piggy this Chinese New Year! Wish Mr Piggy a good year and receive good luck for fortune and wealth in return! “Piggy Gold” is a 3-reel 1-row video slot game featuring Wild symbols with Multipliers. When a Wild symbol with x2, x5 or x10 appears on reel 2 and there is a win, that win will be multiplied by the multiplier value.

Gem Saviour Sword

Gem Saviour Eric has embarked on an adventure in order to protect the Gem Village from the Witch Ira’s invasion. However, the power of Witch Ira is too powerful to be defeated with just the strength of Eric alone. Legend has it that deep in the forest lies a magical treasure, the Sword of Light! With the power of the sword, Eric will be able to defeat the Witch Ira. To obtain the location of this legendary sword, Eric must first find three magic stones with the carving of the magical sword engraved on them. “Gem Saviour Sword” is a 5-reel, 1-row video slot game featuring Bonus Wheel feature and Bonus Respin. Cat Respin Feature will be triggered when 1 or more Cat symbols appear on reels 2, 3 and/or 4. Bonus Wheel feature will be triggered when 3 Sword symbols appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. During the Bonus Wheel feature, players stand a chance to multiply their wins or win respins! Will Eric be able to obtain the Sword of Light? Incarnate into Gem Saviour Eric, and embark on a magical adventure like no other!

Baccarat Deluxe

PG SOFT™ has launched “Baccarat Deluxe”, with “Super 6” and “Traditional Baccarat”. Baccarat uses 8 decks of cards, for a total of 52 cards. The Bead Plate in the game has 5 roads and predict, which allows players to observe the direction of the game, determine the target and amount of each bet, and control the rhythm of the bet. By enabling the “Squeeze” setting, you can simulate the action of squeezing to reveal a card, which makes it easier for players to immerse themselves into the game environment, creating a realistic excitement!

Santa’s Gift Rush

White snow flurries in the sky announcing the coming of Christmas. While the streets all exude a happy and warm atmosphere, the atmosphere in the Santa Claus’ gift factory differs greatly. Christmas is the busiest day for Santa Claus. In order to ensure that each family’s fireplace will have a wonderful gift on Christmas Eve, Santa Claus is currently busy receiving wish lists and making gifts. With Christmas approaching, the factory is swarmed with busy elves producing gifts using the latest advanced technology. Thousands of gifts are wrapped in brightly coloured paper on the transmission line and being sent out at rapid speed to the elk pulled sled, which will then be delivered to your home by Santa Claus himself! ‘Santa’s Gift Rush’ is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot game featuring Gift Rush symbols which may award 3 different bonus features. Getting one or more Gift Rush symbols gives you the chance to trigger the Coin Feature, Elf Feature or Free Spins Feature. Each feature contains its own special surprises and different rewards to win! So, you better watch out for ‘Santa’s Gift Rush’, because Santa Claus is coming to town!

Hip Hop Panda

Loud electronic music can be heard from streets away. The queue to the club is unusually long tonight, as everyone is currently eager to catch a glimpse of the famous “Hip Hop Panda”. Hip Hop Panda was the first rapper that won the club’s Hip Hop competition and is now famous worldwide. His music has inspired countless others to try and follow his footsteps, with thousands flocking to the stage hoping to be able to perform their own songs and win a record deal. Tonight is a special night, for Hip Hop Panda is hosting his first ever competition at the club. He hopes to find a diamond in the rough and turn him into the next Hip Hop protégé! Will you the one chosen to perform on stage worldwide? Join the competition and rap your hearts out! “Hip Hop Panda” is a 3-reel, 3 row video slot game featuring a Chain Combo Gameplay and Scatters that awards free spins with increased bonus multipliers. Look out for the Bomb symbol, as it will explode and destroy all symbols (except Wild and Free Spin symbol). In addition, players are rewarded when one or more Free Spin Symbol appear on the reels.

Prosperity Lion

The lion is considered the king of beasts in ancient times. It was believed that the lion can repel evil and bring prosperity. According to legend, Jiang Nan was once plagued with disease. One night, the emperor dreamt of a giant lion riding a colourful cloud, and it roared so loudly that the plague was chased away. Inspired by this dream, the people created dances, music and lion heads made of paper and bamboo sticks to dance with. They played the drums and set off firecrackers while dancing. Soon, the plague gradually went, and the country was peaceful once more. Since then, the people has regarded the lion as the beast of prosperity. People will perform the lion dance during festivals, to invite good luck and fortune. ‘Prosperity Lion’ is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot game that features Lion and Ball symbols that can trigger 3 different features! Players will be rewarded with the Lion Dance Feature when a Lion and Ball symbol appear anywhere on reels 2 and 4. The Lion Dance Feature will transform any symbol that the Lion has danced on into Wild symbols, which will guarantee players a win!

Restaurant Craze

Hidden in a lively and bustling city, there is a quaint restaurant that regulars like to call a ‘secret Michelin’. Customers have to sit and order food at the bar. The restaurant gained fame when the renowned food critic, Mr. Vatican stumbled into the restaurant one day while looking for a place to avoid the rain. He had this to say in his food review: “You never knew that burgers, salads, corn soup, or even a piece of toast, could be so diverse and layered in flavours!” Since then, it has become an internet sensation, with many people flocking to the restaurant to try the food. This phenomenon soon became known as ‘Restaurant Craze’! ‘Restaurant Craze’ is a 5-reel 4 row video slot game that features transforming Wilds. At the start of every spin, one to five customer(s) will order a food at the bar. If any symbol matches the order on the same reel, players are rewarded with the entire reel transforming into Expanding Wild symbols! What are you waiting for? Do it for the Gram and post those food aesthetics pictures! #delicious

Legend of Hou Yi

Long ago in the ancient times, there were tens suns that lived in the sky. They all took turns to fly up to the sky every day. The people on earth lived like this for many decades, happily ploughing their fields at sunrise, and went home to rest at sunset. However, the ten suns grew were bored of this endless cycle. And so, one day, they all decided to stop taking turns, and appeared together in the sky. The ten suns shone like the blazing fire, the heat emitted scorched the earth, burning all the crops and houses to ashes and dried up all the rivers and lakes. The people were all dying from hunger and dehydration under the suns fiery rays. The Emperor of Heaven, seeing such a devastating destruction on earth, ordered his warrior Hou Yi, to drive the suns away. Hou Yi decided that the only way to save the people was to shoot down the extra nine suns in the sky! And so, Hou Yi travelled across climbed to the top of the highest peak, aimed his bow, and fired a thousand arrows at the nine suns in the sky. From then on, there lived only one sun in the sky, that would rise from the east and set from the west every day. Relive the legend of Hou Yi by shooting down the suns and be rewarded with Wild symbols. Players can also win big with multipliers during free spins as well!

Mr. Hallow-Win

“Trick or Treat!” The children sang happily as they knocked on the door. The moon shined wanly in the dark sky while a gentle breeze blew by, carrying the children’s laughter as they all wandered on the streets carrying Jack-O-Lanterns in their small hands. The children were all dressed in various scary and spooky costumes, going from house to house trick or treating happily. Among these busy houses that were welcoming knocks every few minutes, there on the hillside, stood an old decrepit looking house covered in vines. The house itself was silent and exuded a strange and eerie atmosphere that scared all the children away. There was a story that was known amongst the children, that in this abandoned looking house, lived a man called Mr. Hallow-Win, who love to play games. Legend has it, that if you visit that house on Halloween night, you will be challenged to a puzzle game by Mr. Hallow-Win himself! They say that if you win Mr. Hallow-Win’s challenge, you will be awarded generously. However, should you lose the challenge, you will be trapped in the house forever! Do not fear the ghosts that haunts the house, for the Mini Haunt Feature guarantees players with a win! Let the scary looking Jack-O-Lanterns decorated around the house to entertain you with rewards during free spins as well. On this spooky Halloween night, are you brave enough to trick or treat at Mr. Hallow-Win’s door? Will you be the one that finally defeats his challenge and win the legendary mystery prize?


The Sichuan hotpot originated from an old river dock in Sichuan, created from the essences of spicy, freshness and fragrance. The hotpot soup was created by using ingredients and cooking methods that will bring out the impact of “numbing spiciness”, as well as bringing forth the “freshness” and "fragrance" in the ingredients. The soup and ingredients are combined to achieve a perfect balance of raw and cooked, spicy and sweet, tender and crunchy, refreshing and rich. The flavourful experience brought by the hotpot, combined with an atmosphere of “kinship, understanding, sharing, and fun” from around the table, has perfectly showcased the unity and harmony of the taste that has been cultivated in the Chinese cuisine. The charm of the hotpot lies in the warm and harmonious atmosphere of eating and chatting with friends and family around the steaming hotpot together. “Hotpot” is a combination of the elements of the Sichuan hotpot, 9 single-reels slot game and 3 jackpot prizes. Players are rewarded when 3 or more ingredients appear in the hotpot. Furthermore, players will be rewarded with additional prizes in the game's 3 levels' jackpot based on the amount of chilli symbols that are collected! The exquisite visuals will allow players to experience the spicy and cheerful atmosphere at the hotpot table while they are playing the game!

Dragon Legend

In victory the Koi leaps into the Dragon Gate, a Dragon emerges and fortune awaits! The temple of Dragon Gate City was built on a tall and towering cliff. Under the influence from incense burning within the temple, the Koi fish in the Lotus pond nearby gradually achieve spirituality. The golden scales on their bodies slowly turned into gold and silver foils! The entire pond would glimmer in a beautiful golden glow whenever rays of sunlight hit the pond! There was also a legend in the temple that says, that whenever the sacred Lotus on the pond blooms, a Koi, reaching its enlightenment, will be transformed into a Dragon! Anyone lucky enough to witness this occasion will be destined to receive blessings and be rewarded with fortune! Whenever the lotuses bloom, whenever the Dragon Gate’s bell rings, will you be the destined one fated to be blessed? Each time a matching pair of Koi appears, Free Spin will be rewarded, and all wins are doubled! 3 Bonus symbols will bring you blessings while triggering the Bonus game mode. With an upgraded roulette, the rewards will be increased as well!

Hood vs Wolf

Once upon a time in a fog shrouded forest, there lived a cunning Big Grey Wolf. He was always watching the small village's happenings, learning the villagers’ habits and personalities. One day, the Big Grey Wolf finally succumbed to his hunger and devoured Red Riding's Hood old grandma. With the knowledge that Red Riding Hood will visit her grandma daily, the sly wolf decided to pretend to be Red Riding Hood's grandma, and trick Red Riding Hood into becoming his next meal. Will the kindhearted and innocent Red Riding Hood foil the Big Grey Wolf's plan? Do you want to be Red Riding Hood or the Big Grey Wolf? Choose a character and start the character battle mode, defeat the enemy and enter the winning character bonus game mode! The bonus game mode will be played with 3 rounds of rock paper scissors. Whether you will win free spins or wild symbols as rewards, will entirely depend on your battle skills! Players will also be rewarded with a prize when a winning symbol appears on the 2nd and 4th reels in the Mini Janken Feature! Red Riding Hood versus Big Grey Wolf! The ending of the story is in your hands! 2018 is the year we will achieve our goals of creating a Japanese anime style mobile game, with exquisite 2D animation effects, to produce an amazing blend of anime and fairy tale styles! The game's music and character's voice will be created in collaboration with famous Japanese music production companies and voice actors, giving this game fresh new elements in terms of the game's music, character voice overs and other aspects!

Summon & Conquer

The outstanding and wise King Arthur was beloved by all. For a companion and a pet, he also had a pigeon with magical properties that was gifted to him by a mage. One morning, King Arthur was roused from his sleep by a loud whistle, alerting him that invaders had breached the city gates, looting the possessions of his citizens. The flames of war had engulfed the once peaceful country. In order to win the war, the king decided to enlist the help of capable warriors, promising to reward them grandly should they win the war. At the same time, remembering the words of his father, King Arthur retrieved the treasure chest that was buried deep within an underground vault. What secrets lie within the sealed treasure chest? Battle in unique bonus arenas and maximize the effectiveness of your collected cards! Utilize a good strategy based on your collected cards and you will be able to win astonishing cash rewards! The bonus betting option expands your army’s lineup by defeating the enemy with extra card draws! Strategize, trust your instincts to win the battle and respond to the King’s summon!


The universe follows a cycle of creation, day to night, light and dark, two halves that together complete the cycle of life in the universe. Within time and space, lies the "Fourth Dimension". It exists between the voids and cracks of space that disappear as soon as they appear. Anyone capable of manipulating it would be able to momentarily alter the principles of matter, changing destiny and wealth. However, the time traveller of the Fourth Dimension, who has the ability to change his destiny, must first unlock the three-tiered roulette of the Sun, Moon and Stars. By using the roulette to combine the power of the universe, mankind’s destiny and wealth can by changed in their favour. Once the Moon and Star symbols align, the time traveller will be rewarded with free re-spins. The Sun symbol will appear only one time on each spin, but once the Sun Symbol appears on the three-tiered roulette, you will be rewarded with a bonus game that allows you to win unexpected cash prizes! With each spin, you will stand a chance to double your winnings! Will you be the next lucky time traveller? The wheel of destiny unlocks your wealth and fortune!

Gem Saviour

Ara, an evil enchantress, set forth with her troop of mystical creatures and invaded the village of Audora. Stripping treasured gems off the villagers, she left the poor in captivity. Misela, an aspiring young lass, fought bravely but was defeated in the combat and transformed into a cat. Misela ventured out to find the hero who holds the key in breaking the curse. During her expedition, she unexpectedly gained a pair of wings that enable her to fly which brought her to a saviour who is capable of unleashing the true power of gems. Take on the journey in this exciting Match Four title like never before and be rewarded with big wins, consecutive combinations and re-spins!

Plushie Frenzy

The ‘Plushie Frenzy’ game design idea came from the Claw Crane Machines that received tremendous response beyond imagination at the PG SOFT™ stand during ICE exhibition in London. During the three-day exhibition, there was an endless stream of participants in front of the Claw Crane Machines, inspiring PG SOFT™ designers to produce this game after spending countless nights of efforts perfecting it. With a huge pile of cute and limited-edition dolls stacked within the Claw Crane Machine, anyone would be tempted to slot in some coins, and try their luck to get them! To be able to catch that lovely cute doll you like, will depend on your luck! Each doll is unique and special, especially the Unicorn. According to myths and legends, whenever they appear, good luck shall be bestowed upon the person! A Lucky Person only needs one chance to grab the big prize, while the rest might need to give it a few tries! Sometimes, even after a few tries, you might not manage to grab what you want too! That’s the allure of ‘Plushie Frenzy’! Each type of doll in the ‘Plushie Frenzy’ game will bring you different unique rewards. If you manage to catch the extremely rare unicorn doll, it will reward you with ‘Wild’ symbols! In addition to that, if you get three ‘Scatter’ symbols, bonus game mode will be activated for free spins! Come, slot in some coins and start collecting all the cute and lovely dolls!

Wizdom Wonders

For thousands of years, countless mystical spells were recorded in the sorcerer’s spell book. Using these spells, one could summon the natural elements or even, creatures of the wild. The most mysterious of them all is none other than Alchemy. Once Alchemy is mastered, one could turn stone into gold, and possess inexhaustible wealth! There’s an Old Wizard within the Cloud Tower, who had spent a lifetime trying to master Alchemy. One night, a strong gust of wind blew into the tower, creating a huge mess. All 6 spell books were scattered, and the Old Wizard was unable to put them back together, but, to attain Alchemy requires a combination of all 6 spell books! The delirious Old Wizard is now confused within the mix of spells and Alchemy symbols. Hurry! The Old Wizard needs your help to complete the Alchemy spell! Whenever the magic symbols on both pages on a spell book match, it will turn into the Alchemy symbol, triggering mysterious magical ways and increasing the chances to win!

American Blackjack

The game of Blackjack dates back to the 17th century, originating from a game called the Vingt-et- un (French for 21) in France. By 1800, this game had made its way to the United States. Over time, the game evolved, developing into what is now popularly known as "American Blackjack". The basic rules remain unchanged for "American Blackjack", its ultimate goal to defeating opponents is to reach 21 points without going over! With such a simple and uncomplicated gameplay, making the right decision depends on you! Be brave to draw cards, until it reaches your desired points!

European Blackjack

"European Blackjack" is based on the same gameplay as traditional blackjack, with the only difference being the dealer having no hole card. In the instance of the dealer's cards reaching 21 points, then all players without 21 points will lose. This makes the game more challenging for the players, as the dealer's cards will be difficult to guess at the beginning of the game. Does this make your heart racy from the excitement? Come join European Blackjack for a round of game!


Medusa was once a priestess serving in the temple of the goddess, Athena. According to customaries at the time, a priestess is meant to preserve her chastity throughout her lifetime. Medusa was blessed with beauty and had a pretty face. Maybe sometimes, the price of beauty is too high to pay, as if it was a punishment from the Gods. The appearance of Poseidon, the God of the Sea, made Medusa lost herself and fell head over heels in love with Poseidon. She went to Athena's temple to seek forgiveness but was instead blinded by love, losing her purity and innocence. Athena, furious with Medusa's actions of losing her innocence, cursed Medusa, transforming her into a monster, whose gaze would turn any mortal into stone. The mini reels archived their wonderful memories of love. Whenever the mini reels appear, you will have the chance to gain the power of Medusa and Poseidon symbols, making magical changes on the spinning reels. This power of love will turn into the ‘Scatter’ symbol, bringing you into the free spin mode. If the symbols of Medusa and Poseidon fill up the meter, you will have the opportunity to get 5, 10, 30, up to 100 times more rewards!

Win Win Won

The tale of the Chinese Zodiac is a story that had been told for millenniums. Represented by 12 animals, each of these mascots having an interesting tale of their own. All these Zodiac animals are each in charge of guarding different palaces of fortune, whoever that manages to find them shall be blessed with happiness and prosperity. "Won-Won", one of the Zodiac mascots, has a fun and lively character that makes it so lovable. "Won-won" guards a palace filled with unimaginable treasures, a place most people would have dreamt of visiting. Legend has it that, whenever a visitor arrives, "Won-won" will open the palace doors, welcoming them with open arms, blessing them with an abundance of fortune. How could you miss out on such a rare opportunity? Come, use the multiplier and score a double! If Ingot Bet 3 is selected, you'll even have the chance to win a fortune!

Peas Fairy

Surrounded by clouds of fog, an air of mystery lingers around the remote and mysterious pea village that hardly gets any visitors. Within this village, lives a kind and lively Pea Fairy, leading destined guests to the village. For these lucky visitors, they are free to choose their favourite pea as a gift, and within each of these peas, are pleasant surprises! Pea Fairy's best friends, Black Spider and Butterfly are the guardians of all these precious peas. The mischievous Black Spider likes to make fun of Butterfly, by trapping Butterfly in its cobweb. Whoever releases Butterfly will be rewarded with the loveliest pea flower. The playful Black Spider loves to offer choices, surprising you with unexpected gifts, but, only if you made the right choices. This game has 243 winning ways, blending a variety of creative playing features, such as "Wild Butterfly", "Trapped Butterfly", "Free Spins" and "Gamble Events". The beautiful butterfly and blooming pea flowers will bring infinite surprises to the players!

Joker Wild

A standard deck begins its history of starting on 52 cards with 'Jokers' first making their appearance in the late 60s. Introduced by the card makers to replace lost cards, the Joker card is able to take on the identity of any suits or numbers. This ridiculously charmed Jester is very much sought-after as a trump card in many poker games. Injecting new and exciting element to spruce up the good old five-card video poker. It is also coupled with a handy roadmap and gimmicky hand gestures animation. This game promises endless hours of fun and engaging gameplay for all.

Medusa II

Formerly a sacred garden, now an evil presence lurks in the ancient ruins of Athens. Annihilation engulfs the land, with expressions frozen in a similar distressing stance - presumably to have fallen into the deadly lure of Medusa. Take on the role of a fearless Greek warrior Perseus and journey into the treacherous fields of doom. Emerge victory by defeating Medusa with guts and wits, or join the rest in the eternal fate of stone prison. Behold as you ventured into the ominous Gorgon's lair in the form of 5-reel, 3- row, 30-line formation. Medusa broods menacingly by the reels and sends transformative blows when free spins are triggered. Defend and combat Medusa's vicious attack by using your weapons in the Bonus stage. Stand a chance to be awarded successive wilds and big wins.

Tree Of Fortune

Legend has it that a farmer was granted a seed from a deity. He was instructed to water the seed with his perspiration over a consecutive of forty-nine days for the tree to come to fruition.The farmer did as he was told and soon enough, the tree grew into a full blossom, bearing pockets of gold ingots. Tales of this gilded tree spread amongst the folks and realize the saying of ‘Hard work does pay off’. During Lunar New Year, people hang red packets on tangerine tree as an emblem of good fortune. Be rewarded with free spins when Red Packets is fully bloomed on the Fortune Tree. Stand a chance to win big from the Bonus Feature as the Fortune Tree promises big rewards with every shake. What lies behind each Golden Packet in the Bonus Feature may turn your luck around! Don't hold back from this majestic tree as it presents itself in this 30 lines title.

Fortune Gods

As the Chinese saying goes, ‘A horse cannot gain its weight if it is not fed with extra fodder during the night’, a man cannot gain his wealth if not for the extra earnings. For centuries, many hold an insatiable desire to grow their wealth. In the pursuit of prosperity, one has to work exceptionally hard to pray for a windfall. At Yuan Dynasty, Caishen was worshipped as the God of Prosperity. Traditional practices of putting up portrait of the deity on the door of every household projects hope for a year of good fortune and prosperity ahead. Win twice as much with line wins awarded in both left-to-right and right-to-left. Be rewarded with respins filled with Wilds as the Fortune Gods makes his auspicious appearance. Luck and good fortune awaits you in this exciting 15 lines title.

Honey Trap of Diao Chan

Late Eastern Han dynasty, Dong Zhuo, a ruthless warlord, overturned the ruling of the young emperor and led the nation with tyranny and cruelty. Lu Bu, as opposed to his father, was a fearless warrior who led thousands of military troops to victory on battlefields. Putting an end to the country grief, Wang Yun conspired a plot that involved the duo falling for Diao Chan, a legendary beauty. As devised, both were enthralled by Diao Chan's beauty upon her dance at Fengyi Pavilion. The duo started an unrequited infatuation with Diao Chan and began a duel that involves power, love and wealth. How will this story end? Choose between Dong Zhuo who bestow 'multipliers', aim for ‘expanded Wilds’ with Diao Chan or earn 'big wins' from Lu Bu. Play HONEY TRAP OF DIAO CHAN and reward yourself with a variety of free games as you take sides with the character of your liking!

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