Dragon Legend
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In victory the Koi leaps into the Dragon Gate, a Dragon emerges and fortune awaits! The temple of Dragon Gate City was built on a tall and towering cliff. Under the influence from incense burning within the temple, the Koi fish in the Lotus pond nearby gradually achieve spirituality. The golden scales on their bodies slowly turned into gold and silver foils! The entire pond would glimmer in a beautiful golden glow whenever rays of sunlight hit the pond! There was also a legend in the temple that says, that whenever the sacred Lotus on the pond blooms, a Koi, reaching its enlightenment, will be transformed into a Dragon! Anyone lucky enough to witness this occasion will be destined to receive blessings and be rewarded with fortune! Whenever the lotuses bloom, whenever the Dragon Gate’s bell rings, will you be the destined one fated to be blessed? Each time a matching pair of Koi appears, Free Spin will be rewarded, and all wins are doubled! 3 Bonus symbols will bring you blessings while triggering the Bonus game mode. With an upgraded roulette, the rewards will be increased as well!
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