Prosperity Lion
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The lion is considered the king of beasts in ancient times. It was believed that the lion can repel evil and bring prosperity. According to legend, Jiang Nan was once plagued with disease. One night, the emperor dreamt of a giant lion riding a colourful cloud, and it roared so loudly that the plague was chased away. Inspired by this dream, the people created dances, music and lion heads made of paper and bamboo sticks to dance with. They played the drums and set off firecrackers while dancing. Soon, the plague gradually went, and the country was peaceful once more. Since then, the people has regarded the lion as the beast of prosperity. People will perform the lion dance during festivals, to invite good luck and fortune. ‘Prosperity Lion’ is a 5-reel, 3-row video slot game that features Lion and Ball symbols that can trigger 3 different features! Players will be rewarded with the Lion Dance Feature when a Lion and Ball symbol appear anywhere on reels 2 and 4. The Lion Dance Feature will transform any symbol that the Lion has danced on into Wild symbols, which will guarantee players a win!
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